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November 30th

Doug and I had a very fun road trip to Chicago. Lin and Carol did a fantastic job at putting together the house concert, the audience was wonderfully attentive, the middle eastern food a delight, and the jam with Barbara and Patty a gas.
We are celebrating one year at Dunn Bros with a celebration of John Lennon's music. That would be Wednesday December 7th.  Many thanks to all the performers and listeners and hanger outers that have spent the past with us.
Next road trip is in February to Phoenix.

September 2nd

Doug Jungemann has been joining me on stage for my shows and will be be as long as he likes.
Doug plays a sweet barking harmonica and adds vocal harmonies on many a tune.
Being on stage by myself just wasn't much of a thrill for me. Amy and Joe, two fine bass players,
have joined me at shows this past summer and hopefully will again.
Next  thing I'll be switching to electric guitar and adding the drums.

April 14

The Wednesday night open mic is a whole lot of fun. Go to for all the details. A thousand praises to Ken Jones for making this site happen.
I had an amazing sonic excursion last Saturday with Amy Geiske and Doug Jungeman at the Flat Iron Coffee Bar.
Doug is a regular at Dunn Bros. He plays  a fine harmonica  and can sing pretty darn good as well. Amy plays bass with the Jeff Finlan Band out of Ft. Collins CO.  Well we just flew to the moon and back a few times.

Later we retired upstairs to our sprawling suite. Gloria cooked us some mighty fine pesto pasta and we hung pontificated over a few bottles of red wine into the wee hours. 

Sometime in February

I'm hosting an open mic every Wednesday at Dunn Bros Coffee.
Musicians, poets, storytellers, all performers are welcome.

I've got a new address, same phone # and e-mail.



1920 Twin Elms Drive #5   
Rapid City SD 57702